About David A. Reed

David Reed with his Honda GoldWing.
David Reed with his Honda GoldWing.

My name is David Reed, but you can call me “MaineRider.” Ever since I went online as a motorcycle enthusiast, it has been the moniker that fits me best, announcing my love of both my home State of Maine, and my passion for riding.

I’ve had employment in a variety of professions over the years, but one of my overriding interests and passions from the time of my youth has been riding.  From my early boyhood years, I loved riding my 10-speed just as fast, and taking those corners just as low, as was possible.

One day, as a young man of about 13, a family friend took me for a ride on his 1980 Honda GoldWing, and I was hooked on motorcycles. From then on, I dreamed of motorcycles, and would peddle my ten-speed as fast as possible, tuck those corners as tight as possible — anything to feel the wind in my hair.  Fellow RiderZine rider Indy is a boyhood pal of mine, and can share a story or two of my early ventures!

Motorcycling had to wait awhile for me, though, as it wasn’t until an unexpected financial windfall in my early 30’s that afforded me the opportunity to own my first ride.  I didn’t even know how to ride a motorcycle when I bought it, and had to have a friend ride it to my apartment for me.  Over the next two weekends, he took it — with me following him in my car — to a large parking lot, where I worked with him to learn to ride.

I haven’t stopped riding since.

Now, at age 48, I find myself to be a riding veteran, with 15 years of experience, on my fourth motorcycle (two Honda Shadows and two GoldWings), and with near 150,000 miles under my “wing.” I’ve ridden with huge groups, small groups, and solo; but while I find riding in groups to be pleasant, as a rider goes, when it’s just me, my wife, and my ride, or on occasion my lifelong buddy Indy, those are the best days.

There’s nothing like nice long sunup to sundown day in the saddle to put a smile on my face and a song in my heart.

When it comes to riding, all you need is a ride, a full tank, and a yearning to explore.

Come along and enjoy the ride!


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