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If you’re not interested in writing but have a story idea, please visit this page and tell us about your idea.

But if you’re someone with a love of writing, we’d be interested in hearing your idea for what you’d like to write. We’re a new venture without any money, and while we hope to become a paying market, right now we aren’t. (Don’t worry; we’re not even paying ourselves at this point.) But I am a professional writer and editor and have been for 20 years, including 10 years as a writer for the Bangor Daily News. I’ll only publish good writers and good storytellers, and will edit to make sure that not only do you represent us well but that you’re in quality company.

This is a venture with a mission. Our goal is to bring motorcyclists of all stripes together and in the process inject as much safety awareness as we can into that community. We realize that if we started a motorcycle-safety-only site, everyone would clap us on the backs and congratulate us on what we were doing… and after a first visit, they’d probably never return. That’s why we’re building Maine RiderZine the way we are — to give you a lot of great things, such as features and rides, news and editorials, reviews and humor, and more. We want to make this a place visitors will enjoy visiting again and again.

And when it comes to what we publish, we’d love different perspectives. If you have an idea for a feature story, a review, a ride, or even an editorial, tell us about it. We’re also eager to find a few columnists — that’s what we used to call people before bloggers took over, but unlike blogs we’ll edit your columns before they appear. Whatever your idea, if it furthers motorcycling in Maine, we’ll pay attention.

We don’t ask for any ownership over content of yours that we publish; we only ask for rights to publish it and keep it on our site indefinitely. You can republish it, sell it, whatever.

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