A unique way to experience America

Motorcycle tours make the journey as rewarding as the destination. (NEWSUSA PHOTO)
Motorcycle tours make the journey as rewarding as the destination. (NEWSUSA PHOTO)

(NewsUSA) – When Americans travel, they tend to go from point A to B. Planes, trains and buses will transport you to sites, but among security checks, long lines and little leg space, the journey can become a pain.

Vacationers who want to enjoy every leg of their vacation have been turning to alternative ways of travel. Instead of sleeping through a guided bus tour, many travelers are opting to explore the nation’s landscape on an iconic piece of Americana: the motorcycle.

From winding granite canyons in Yosemite to sprawling Rocky Mountain vistas, riding a sleek, powerful machine means enjoying the journey as much as the destination. Travelers looking to really experience the nation’s diverse cultures and landscapes can find motorcycle tours that fit every personality, from kitschy Route 66 to ritzy Napa Valley wine tours.

Different outfits appeal to different traveling styles. Motorcyclist enthusiasts can rent late-model motorcycles for self-drive trips or guided tours, book luxe gigs that include travel guides and country music concerts, or seek rugged outdoor adventures. Here are some tips from EagleRider (www.eaglerider.com), a company that arranges motorcycle rentals and tours, for vacationers looking to rule the roads:

  • Make sure you’re comfortable on your motorcycle. Most tour companies can cater to riders at every experience level. However, make sure you don’t sign up for a trip that will take you beyond your comfort zone. If heights and winding roads scare you, you might be happier cruising through the South or the Midwest than riding mountain curves.
  • Pack the right gear. Riding a motorcycle means exposure to the elements, so bring sun screen and rain gear. If your trip includes changes in elevation or desert conditions, you will need to prepare for temperature changes. EagleRider tours include a support vehicle that tows extra luggage, so vacationers can pack everything that they anticipate they will need.
  • Do your research. Know how many miles you need to ride each day, how long you will stay at each stop and what travel expenses -; airfare, meals, museum tickets -; you must cover out-of-pocket. For self-drive or guided tours, visit www.eaglerider.com.

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