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I’ve learned a lot while riding a motorcycle. But there are a few things that really stand out to me lately.

The first is that “motorcyclist” has many different meanings. It can be the weekend cruiser who gets together with friends to ride Maine’s roads to take in her beautiful scenery and have lunch somewhere remote and fantastic, or the clubbers wearing chains and riding Harleys. It can be the crotch-rocket riders who like to go fast with their friends or the rare riders who only hit the saddle a few times a year. It can be the warm-weather riders or those who ride in the pouring rain or the cold January days. It can be those who zip around town on their scooters or those who live on their bikes as if those machines are extensions of themselves.

Recognize yourself in there somewhere? Probably. No matter your cultural preference or social ideal, if you ride, then you share a lot with every other type of rider out there. We know the dangers of riding as much as the pleasures. From how four-wheel drivers disregard us, we’ve learned to be better drivers when we’re behind the wheels of our cars.

Mostly, we have that one idea that binds us. Whatever it means specifically to you, riding is fun. We wouldn’t do it if it weren’t. We wouldn’t spend all that money on bikes and helmets and leather and riding gear if it weren’t. We’d just sink all that money into tricking out our four-wheeled vehicles instead.

That one strong thread links us all. I created Maine RiderZine to create a place for motorcyclists of all stripes to come together and find feature stories about great rides and marvelous places to eat, reviews about new bikes and products, and to learn about motorcycle safety. Maine RiderZine is designed to become a place where we can all hang out to learn, discuss and debate, notify and popularize.

This project began as a way to popularize the safety issues we face as motorcyclists. In the wake of 2015 being the worst year for motorcycle deaths in 25 years, it seems appropriate. But while we all agree that safety is very important, let’s face it: If I started a motorcycle-safety site, everyone would applaud and congratulate me and tell me what a great thing I’m doing… but nobody would frequent it. They’d visit once and be done with it.

I hope that by building a flourishing online community that interests bikers of all types that I can inject those tips and stories about safety into your biking lives. But in order to do that, we need to build an audience. That’s why I’m dedicating a lot of my time to writing content for Maine RiderZine — to give you something that will make you want to return.

To that end, please check back with us on a regular basis as this site grows. And by all means tell your motorcycling friends. What this site becomes will benefit us all.

Ride safe.

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